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Artist Statement

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Batik – 2013 – Kevin Houchin

My work is a dance between intention and chance. I went to college to be an aerospace engineer, but came out with a BFA in Graphic Design. Now I’m also a lawyer. Talk about control issues… Whenever my life has felt too controlled, by myself or some outside force, I’ve gravitated to batik and watercolor. The inherent elements of chance in how wax will crack or water will flow are therapeutic for me.

My art forces me to embrace a loss of control. I take a step of faith each time I start a project because I must start with an intention, but then surrender at least a part of the process to something outside myself. When I am able to make that surrender, I allow beauty that I could never have consciously intended to show up in my life.

Now I think of each engagement with a piece of art, as the artist or as the viewer, has become an act of faith – a dance with intention and chance. You’re welcome to have a little faith with me. Hopefully you will enjoy the process and my work.